In my travels I have noticed many places with the word bison or buffalo in the name.  This is evidence of the impact that this magnificent beast has had on our country.  So I did a little research to try to find out how many places are named after the buffalo. I found 143, I'm sure there are more so please email me if I have missed any. 

Big Buffalo Cove, MO

Big Buffalo Creek, MO

Big Buffalo Creek, NC

Big Buffalo Creek, SD

Big Buffalo Creek, TX

Bison, KS

Bison, MT

Bison, OK

Bison, SD

Bison, WV

Buffalo, AL

Buffalo, IL

Buffalo, IN

Buffalo, IA

Buffalo, KS

Buffalo, KY

Buffalo, ME

Buffalo, MN

Buffalo, MO

Buffalo, MT

Buffalo, NC

Buffalo, ND

Buffalo, NE

Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, OH

Buffalo, OK

Buffalo, PA

Buffalo, SC

Buffalo, SD

Buffalo, TN

Buffalo, TX

Buffalo, WI

Buffalo, WV

Buffalo, WY

Buffalo Bend, VA

Buffalo Bluff, FL

Buffalo Brook, VT

Buffalo Butte, MT

Buffalo Butte, WY

Buffalo Center, IA

Buffalo City, NC

Buffalo City, WI

Buffalo County, NE

Buffalo County, SD

Buffalo County, WI

Buffalo Cove, NC

Buffalo Creek, CO

Buffalo Creek, NY

Buffalo Creek, PA

Buffalo Creek, WV

Buffalo Crossroads, PA

Buffalo Forge, VA

Buffalo Gap, SD

Buffalo Gap, TX

Buffalo Gap, VA

Buffalo Grass Creek, NM

Buffalo Grove, IL

Buffalo Hart, IL

Buffalo Heights, IA

Buffalo Hill, CA

Buffalo Hill, VA

Buffalo Hole, MS

Buffalo Junction, VA

Buffalo Lake, MN

Buffalo Lodge Butte, ND

Buffalo Lodge Lake, ND

Buffalo Mills, PA

Buffalo Mountain, AK

Buffalo Mountain, AR

Buffalo Mountain, CO

Buffalo Mountain, MT

Buffalo Mountain, NV

Buffalo Mountain, OK

Buffalo Mountain, PA

Buffalo Mountain, TN

Buffalo Mountain, VA

Buffalo Mountain, WV

Buffalo Park, KS

Buffalo Peak, CO

Buffalo Peak, OR

Buffalo Peak, TX

Buffalo Peak, WY

Buffalo Point, NV

Buffalo Pond, GA

Buffalo Pond, VT

Buffalo Prairie, IL

Buffalo Ridge, SD

Buffalo Ridge, VA

Buffalo River, AR

Buffalo River, GA

Buffalo River, ID

Buffalo River, MN

Buffalo River, MS

Buffalo River, NY

Buffalo River, TN

Buffalo River, VA

Buffalo River, WI

Buffalo Run, PA

Buffalo Springs, ND

Buffalo Springs, NM

Buffalo Springs, PA

Buffalo Springs, TN

Buffalo Springs, TX

Buffalo Springs, VA

Buffalo Stream, IN

Buffalo Stream, ME

Buffalo Valley, TN

Buffaloville, IN

Buffalo Wallow, MO

Little Buffalo Creek, AR

Little Buffalo Creek, CO

Little Buffalo Creek, GA

Little Buffalo Creek, IA

Little Buffalo Creek, MN

Little Buffalo Creek, MO

Little Buffalo Creek, NC

Little Buffalo Creek, NY

Little Buffalo Creek, OH

Little Buffalo Creek, OK

Little Buffalo Creek, PA

Little Buffalo Creek, SC

Little Buffalo Creek, SD

Little Buffalo Creek, TX

Little Buffalo Creek, VA

Little Buffalo Creek, WV

Little Buffalo Creek, WY

Little Buffalo Hill, MT

Little Buffalo Lake, MT

Little Buffalo River, AR

Little Buffalo River, MS

Little Buffalo River, TN

Little Buffalo Run, MD

Little Buffalo Run, PA

Little Buffalo Run, WV

Little Buffalo State Park, PA

Little Buffalo Slough, WI

Little Buffalo Stream, ME

Little Buffalo Swamp, GA

New Buffalo, MI

New Buffalo, OH

New Buffalo, PA

Old Buffalo, AR

South Buffalo, KY

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